If you’re in salem and are looking for a fanciful hole in the wall place to have a nice lunch or just have a minute to grab something before heading off the Wild Pear is a superb choice!

At Wild Pear their ingredients are always fresh and as local as they can be! They have beautiful salads, delicious sandwich and a handful of other specialty entrees!

Aside from the delicious meals that they provide, they have just as scrumptious desserts. From their seasonal cake to Wild pear Cheesecake pudding or Croissant bread pudding, there is something to bring alive everyone’s taste buds!

They also have a great assortment of alcohol and cocktails to go along with their happy hour!

One of the best parts of the Wild Pear is that they cater all this amazing food and provide lunches to go with everything you’ll need!

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Address: 372 State Street, Salem OR 97301
Phone: 503 378 7515
Restaurant Hours: Monday – Saturday 10:30 am – 6:30 pm
Happy Hour: Monday – Saturday 3:30 – 5:30